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G.M. Bassett Pattern Inc. has been specializing in the automotive prototype industry for over 50 years. As a premiere automotive prototype company, we take your design and create full pattern equipment and raw castings, supplying you with completely machined parts made to your specifications. By having all these jobs done through G.M. Basset, it enables you to have a completed piece from one reliable source within a very reasonable timeframe.

We are capable of producing CNC cut patterns from CAD data, as well as handcrafting patterns from blueprints. At G.M. Basset Inc., we produce castings for you in:

Aluminum, Iron, and Steel

Magnesium and Brass

Sand and Plaster cast

Our experienced crew can construct models and mock-ups in plastic and wood, as well, and each is built to your exact design specifications.

Our First-Rate Wood Checking Fixtures

G.M. Bassett Pattern Inc. has the skilled manufacturing experience in automotive parts design required to construct first-rate wood checking fixtures for the tube bending industry. The quality of our gages enables a better and more thorough

We ship the following high-quality gages worldwide:

Tube Bender Checking Fixtures

Formed Hose Checking Fixtures

Tube Gages with Bracket Location

Complete Hose Assembly Checking Fixtures

Tube Gages with Bracket Location

Checking Fixtures: 1 Foot to 20 Feet Length

We Take Our Services Seriously, So You Have Exactly What You Need

Accuracy and timing on each of our jobs are extremely important to us here at G.M. Bassett Pattern Inc. When we promise a job to be completed in two weeks, we make sure it will be finished in two weeks. Before any part leaves our facility, it is thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure optimum quality and results and matches with your measurement specifications. We take our automotive design services seriously.

Building a Lasting Relationship

We look forward to having the opportunity to quote your upcoming work. Once we have the chance to inspect the specifications of your part, we will promptly send you a competitive quote for your approval.

We look forward to building a business relationship that will last many years.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can build your prototype. We proudly offer our services globally from Farmington, Michigan.



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